Congrès Mondial des Études sur le Moyen-Orient et l'Afrique du Nord

Barcelone, du 19 au 24 Juillet 2010

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Horn of Africa: Social Crisis and Geo-strategic Dimension (401) - NOT_DEFINED activity_field_Roundtable

· NOT_DEFINED institution: Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo

· NOT_DEFINED organizer: Elvira Saint-Gerons Herrera

· NOT_DEFINED language: English

· NOT_DEFINED description:
The situation nowadays in this region will be addressed through 3 main axes. The first axis will be focuses on the socioeconomic issues, underlining poverty, hunger, cyclic droughts, that threaten to become chronicle, and social inequality, mainly of the women.
The second axis will address the consequences of the political and institutional instability, and the lack of respect of Human Rights, usually consequences of the actual individual governments of the region. As background, we will discuss about ethnic, regional and religious conflicts, whose immediate effects (such as population displacement and the increase of refugees) constitute a main problem for neighbour countries.
The third and last axis will deal with the geo-strategic dimension of the HOA and its growing importance, due to the radical Islamic boom and the so-called international fight against terrorism, the dispute between occident powers and China for the control of the oriental region of the continent, and the promotion of high media impact criminal activities, such as piracy.

Chair: Ignacio Gutierrez de Teran (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).

Participant: Mohamed Bahdon (Centro Estudios Ibero-Africanos de Lisboa), “The socio-politic situation in Djibouti”.