Congrès Mondial des Études sur le Moyen-Orient et l'Afrique du Nord

Barcelone du 19 au 24 Juillet 2010

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MC-06b: Current Scenario and Strategies for the Future of Women’s Cinema in the Arab World - NOT_DEFINED activity_field_Meetings

· NOT_DEFINED room: P-21

· NOT_DEFINED institution: Entre Cineastas (Amongst Women Filmmakers), an association of Arab-Ibero-American Women Filmmakers

· NOT_DEFINED organizer: Amal Ramsis & Asun Santesteban

· NOT_DEFINED sponsor: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID)

· NOT_DEFINED language: English / Français

· NOT_DEFINED description: Analysis of the situation of women’s cinema in the Arab world by gathering the testimonies of film directors, and to propose a strategy to develop some line of action to increase and develop the kind of women’s cinema which can break down the stereotypical image of women in the Arab World , and create a directors’ international network.

This event is open for public participation