World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010


Seven Movements - Egypt - NOT_DEFINED activity_field_Cultural Activity

· NOT_DEFINED institution: Associació Cultural Viatgers en el Temps

· NOT_DEFINED organizer: Maria Isabel Panosa

· NOT_DEFINED sponsor: la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and l'Ajuntament de Parets del Vallès

· NOT_DEFINED language: English

· NOT_DEFINED description: Dance and Theater performance organized by the ''Associació Cultural Viatgers en el Temps'' (Cultural Association Travelers in the Time) and based on archaeological research about ancient Egypt. ''Seven movements - Egypt'' is a new composition of contemporary language that intends to be an intersection of history, culture and art. It creates a space to explore the Egyptian legacy and bring it into the present through a performance platform that raises both aesthetic enjoyment and recognition of cultural roots of all times.

This show incorporates dance, music and expression into a single dramatic narrative form in order to find points of contact between what happened in the past and our world today. Therefore ''Seven movements - Egypt'' is closer to the concepts of evocation and reliving than to the very idea of reconstructing. This is why we propose a sequence of shapes and movements of “then” seen by our eyes of “now'”, and we show that more from the meanings than from the chronologies.

We present a timeless experience of recreation bearing to several situations: a world of ancient reminiscences that emerges, a mythical and sacred dimension, but also a universal space of the human condition.

Cast- Dancers: Lorena Nogal, Laia Mora, Beatriz Torralvo, Júlia Pérez and Eulàlia Bergadà
Actors: Susana Gómez, Albert Pérez i Miquel Segovia- Research,
Script and coordination: M. Isabel Panosa
Choreography: Toni Gómez
Dramaturgy and theatrical direction: Boris Rotenstein
Music: Alejandro Civilotti
Dance master: Guillermina Coll
Costumes design: Isabel Llobera
Costumes clothing: Maribel Selma
Texts and images adaptation: M. Isabel Panosa
Lighting: Cesc Pastor
Management: Antònia Fernández

Music details
* Music recording: “El Mercat” Studio.
Technician: Marcelo Mercadante
* Intrumental Ensemble of the Conservatory of Badalona: Edurne Vila (violin), Montserrat Vallvé (viola), Celia Torres (cello), Jan Jofra (bass), Laura Boschetti (harp), Philippe Vallet (oboè and English horn), Xavier Castillo (clarinet and corno di bassetto), Frederic Sánchez (flute), Jordi Guasp (horn), Joan Palacio (bass trombone), Enric Monfort (percussion), Salvador Soler (percussion) i Manuel Hurtado (percussion).
* Music conductor: Pilar Bravo
* Choir: White voices Choir of the Conservatory of Badalona
* Choir conductor: Montserrat Pi