World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010

Concert WOCMES Award - Palau de la Música Catalana

Through their work Folkincats propose a renewed, inspired, and modern look at traditional popular Catalan music. Emanating from a delightful musical heritage, Folkincats investigate, explore, and develop a magnificent repertoire; continually surprising the listener with an outstanding soundscape, dynamicity, creativity, and instability that not only manages to transmit the excellence of the material, but also the legacy of always going beyond.

Their proposal for the night offers variations of the repertoire; extracting from rhythmic, harmonic and melodic levels accompanied with lyrics camouflaged within the notes of their four instruments (bass and guitar as a rhythmic base, violin and saxophone as melodic instruments).

Between the fingers, instruments, and notes lies an intense fusion of seduction and a smell of a discovery…

Albert Bello (guitar)
David Salleras (saxophone)
Oriol Gonzàlez (double bass)
Oriol Saña (violin)

Photograph by: Laura Ruiz