World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010


Preliminary panels to be used as Call for Papers for specific topics will be posted on the website of WOCMES. Paper presenters interested in the panel are invited to contact the organizer.

The organizer will provide:

  1. Basic information about the panel (title, discipline and theme involved…).

  2. Data of the Organizer to be posted on the website of WOCMES (name, institution, and e-mail address of the organizer)

  3. A panel summary, which should exhibit a clear scholarly focus and a clear description of the overall purpose of the panel. It must be single spaced and no more than 300 words.

  4. Once the organiser of the panel has received all the papers, he/she will forward the complete panel proposal to the WOCMES secretariat with all the abstracts before March 1st 2010.