World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010

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22-Mountain Village Architecture (Case Study: Palangan Village in West of Iran) - Poster

· Institution: Shahid Beheshti University

· Organizer: Batoul Majidi Khameneh

· Language: English

· Description: Zagros mountain range is include a vast region at the west of Iran. This mountain had an important role in shaping of the settlements this region. The location, methods and form of settlements, size of habitats and its true relation with nature and adjustment of environmental condition, is based on mountain specialties. Architecture of the mountain village (Zagros region) is certain that is unique in Iran and full of morality, wholeness and beauty. Shape and pattern of this village are stair that reflection of the against undesirable condition and optimum use of the land. This architecture (stair) noted art and elegance, that building units, orderly placed or synthesized together. Because close link of people with nature, inspiration from it and created a simple and at the same time complex structure with maximum efficiency and beauty for their lives. One of the main stair villages in Zagros is Palangan. This village accordance with the quality of the soil and materials, technical possibilities, life style, culture, needs and wants of occupants and builders have been built. This architectural space reflects some of the cultural and ethic traits. In this article the author having tried to study: 1. The important characteristic of mountains villages; 2. The role of effective elements on the organization of mountain village; 3. Study the architecture of Palangan. Palangan is one of the famous villages in the Iran?s Kordestan province. This study shows the human harmony with nature. Residents of this area to create a house, carved a small bed in the body of rough and hard mountains, and then with the same stones, skillfully built a beautiful and stable house. Color of the walls is the same color of the mountain. All homes and alley have been coordinate with the gradient of the land that as a unit formed. Alley located in the half-way of the mountain and usually within a main passageway to the major axis of motion, the parties of the village is connected to one another.Another alley along the tissue path formed subsidiary, all function are the dominate slope. In addition beautiful architecture, this village has springs waterfall. The roaring river (Tangbor) goes through the village and divided it two parts. All of the houses are made of stone; the roof of one house is the yard of another house. Although Palangan is in a mountainous region, but due to being paved path, all year you can travel to there. Hot summer and mild spring in Palangan, cause spring migration to the highlands of the region.