World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010


For five years now the Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona has been echoing the thoughts, voices, and dreams of the alleys of Barcelona, of the emigrants, and of the new generation. They play a melange of senses, languages, and melting identities. OAB performs to present the different, to raise awareness against stereotypes, and to deliver a message of hope.

The OAB’s repertoire encompasses a wide variety of themes from solidarity to the country and the nature of life. They play the political sensitivity to highlight the internationally common humane values. They juggle words and expressions to enrich the context and amuse the listener.

OAB sings a journey of the origin and the present, of the born identity and the lived character.

Mohamed Soulimane, violin & conductor (Chaouen)
Mohammed Bout Ayoub, voice & lute (Tànger)
Aziz El Kodari, voice & percussions (Rabat)
Ioannis Papaioannou, lute & saz (Thessalonica)
Jordi Gaig, keyboard (Catalonia)
Achraf Zerouali, oriental keyboard (Tànger)
Joan Rectoret, bass (Catalonia)
Sergio Ramos, drums (Catalonia)
Quim Puigtió, sound technician (Catalonia)