World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th – 24th 2010


Water problematics in MENA (279) - NOT_DEFINED activity_field_Panel

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Paper presenter: Ramin Vafaei (Lecturer, Civil Engineering Faculty, Azad Universuty, Tabriz Branch, Iran), “Studying Water Crisis in Iran and a Case Study in North Eastern Part of the Country”
Middle East faced several challenges regarding water resources during the recent years. Vast deserts of this region and reduction in rainfalls in the past few years has caused a major concern. Iran having a great area and a population of 70 million is struggling with this problem; drought has caused an increase in deforestation rate that can have consequences for the ecosystem of the Middle East. The crisis is much more substantial in the eastern half of the country therefore it has been presented as a case study in this article. The case study shows that shortage of water sources in Iran and deforestation is not just the effect of the drought and it is also a result of miscalculated along with excessive use of the underground water resources in a limited period of time.