World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010


Through "Algerian Soul" Neila Benbey wanders into the heart of Algeria presenting the listener with some of the great classics of popular Algerian music in a contemporary translation; embellished with her originality and transmitted via her band of Mediterranean fusion.

The repertoire includes differs versions of traditional and popular Algerian songs, including arrangements of “chaaby” music, pieces which have been redressed into more contemporary pop songs such as “Chahlet laayani” and “Bakht as well as some tribal pieces of Berber and Sahrawi artists. The group also presents personal compositions inspired by the rhythms of the Sahara and Tamazight.

The show commences with a glimpse from the core of the continent; an intimate and mystical segment paving the way to a smooth ascension in mood and tone via including the powerful African bass, inviting the public in a journey of popular as well as original melodies well known to Algerian music admirers.

The concert will take place on the UAB campus in Plaza Civic on Wednesday evening at 8:30pm.