World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th – 24th 2010


Persian Illustration & script 18th century - NOT_DEFINED activity_field_Cultural Activity

· NOT_DEFINED institution: Palangi Persian Art Gallery in Australia

· NOT_DEFINED organizer: Nasser Palangi

· NOT_DEFINED language: English

· NOT_DEFINED description: This collection includes over a hundred original lithograph and painted illustrations from the 18th century portraying different aspects of the Persian culture. They include different historical, mystical, religious, talismanic and mythological images of that era of the Persian culture. These illustrations along with representation of those subjects also represent an art style during that period, mainly the popular «Tea House Style» or «Qajar style». This collection which has been gathered from different books of that period, not only highlights the lithographs themselves, but also brings to attention the layout and the format of the books of that time. Moreover, these illustrations are accompanied by Arabic and Farsi scripts, which in themselves are objects of artistic importance, which are poems, stories, religious prayers, and scientific facts. Above the importance of layout and scripts, the fine delicate, and detailed skill used in these lithographs are also of unique interest. The exhibition of these documents would be a world premier of these objects.