World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

Barcelona, July 19th - 24th 2010

Onsite Catering

Congress participants will have access to a variety of catering services on the campus.

University restaurants and cafeterias

Most of the campus buildings have their own dining services, which provide a la carte service, self-service meals and fast food (fixed menu dishes, pizzas and sandwiches).


The main floor of the University restaurant will be exclusively opened to WOCMES participants. Every day a balanced diet menu will be on offer at a very competitive price: 8 Euros/ticket bought online. Vegetarian and pork-free dishes will always be available.

To enjoy this offer, please buy your ticket now through the online registration form. In case you already sent your registration form without booking your lunch ticket, please contact:

The price of tickets sold on site will be more expensive and limited to the number of places still available.

The Hotel Serhs Campus

The Hotel Serhs Campus has a number of restaurant options catering to a wide range of needs:

The "ARC's" restaurant offers a seasonal cuisine based on local recipes and fresh market products.

The "Sirius" and "Orió" restaurants offer a buffet based on traditional entrees, home-made deserts and a salad bar.

The Hotel also features the Larissa bar.

Villa Universitaria

The bar-restaurant and café "El Cau de la Vila", is located in Block H of the Vila Universitària (fully air-conditioned with a large outdoor terrace)

"El Frankfurt de la Vila" is a snack bar located in Block G of the Vila Universitària (fully air-conditioned with an outdoor terrace).